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Mastering the Art of Bitters for Crafting the Perfect Old Fashioned



bitters for old fashioned

The bitters for old fashioned, a classic cocktail with a rich history dating back to the early 19th century, continues to captivate cocktail enthusiasts with its timeless appeal. One of the key components that give this drink its character and complexity is the addition of bitters. With a plethora of bitters available, selecting the perfect one for your Old Fashioned can be an exciting adventure. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best bitters that can elevate your Old Fashioned to new heights and unlock a world of flavors.

The Old Fashioned; it’s the classy grandpa of mixed beverages.

Back in the day, it was just referred to as a cocktail, consisting of some sort of spirit, sugar, water, and bitters. As drinking culture developed, the word cocktail came to refer to any sort of mixed drink. To get this now classic concoction, people had to ask their bartender specifically for “an old-fashioned cocktail.”

Nowadays, if you walk into a bar or restaurant and order an Old Fashioned, it’s reasonable to expect a drink made from whiskey, sugar, and bitters, served in a rocks glass and garnished with an orange peel (and sometimes a cherry). However, depending on where you go, the drink you receive will vary wildly in terms of quality. In actuality, an Old Fashioned is an incredibly simple drink to make, but apparently, it’s also pretty easy to make wrong.

Before I was all that into cocktails, I remember trying my first Old Fashioned– and it was a good one. Naturally, the next time I was out somewhere I ordered one, but the drink I received was far from my previous experience. I couldn’t tell you why at the time… it just wasn’t nearly as good.

With this revered classic that is far too often adulterated, it’s probably best to first learn how NOT to make an Old Fashioned. It’s a great drink to get creative with and can be the perfect starting point for developing your unique recipes. I don’t want to stifle your creativity, but there are several things you just shouldn’t do to an Old Fashioned.


The word “cocktail” (or “cock tail”) was used a handful of times in print pre-1806 and presumably also in general parlance. However, the truly formative use of “cock tail” comes on the heels of a report in The Balance, and Columbian Repository newspaper on the results of a political election. This report included the word and, confused by its meaning, a reader wrote to the editor to understand just what he meant by “cock tail.” The editor, Mr. Harry Croswell, responded to his inquisitive reader with the definition that cocktail historians and bartenders alike cite as the first true definition of our beloved concoctions: “Cock tail, then is a stimulating liquor composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water, and bitters…”

Now, Mr. Croswell was no mixologist, but his definition speaks to the intrinsic simplicity of what a cocktail truly is. A spirit as the base, sugar to balance the heat of the liquor and buoy the overall flavor, bitters to engage more of our palate and provide complexity, and finally water – in the form of ice – to chill and gently dilute. Mr. Croswell’s definition also perfectly embodies what an “Old Fashioned” is.

1. Angostura Bitters

As the quintessential choice for Old Fashioned enthusiasts, Angostura Bitters boasts a robust flavor profile that harmonizes beautifully with the cocktail’s ingredients. Its iconic blend of spices, including gentian root, cinnamon, and cloves, imparts a delightful depth and warmth to the drink. Just a few dashes of Angostura Bitters can transform a simple Old Fashioned into a rich and aromatic masterpiece.

2. Peychaud’s Bitters

Originating from New Orleans, Peychaud’s Bitters is a delightful alternative to Angostura, offering a distinct flavor profile with notes of anise and cherry. It adds a touch of sweetness and a hint of herbal complexity to the Old Fashioned, creating a unique twist on this timeless cocktail. For those seeking a subtly different experience, Peychaud’s Bitters is an excellent choice.

3. Regans’ Orange Bitters No. 6

For a citrus-forward Old Fashioned, Regans’ Orange Bitters No. 6 is the ideal companion. These bitters blend showcases the zestiness of oranges, accentuating the citrus notes in the cocktail.

4. Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters

True to its name, Fee Brothers Old Fashioned Aromatic Bitters is tailor-made for this classic cocktail. The warm and comforting notes of Fee Brothers bitters elevate the cocktail to a whole new level of complexity.

5. Embarking on a Flavor Journey

Selecting the best bitters for your Old Fashioned can be a delightful journey of exploration. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different bitters to find the flavor profile that resonates with your taste preferences. Each bitters brand brings its unique twist to the cocktail, allowing you to customize your Old Fashioned to perfection.


The world of bitters is a treasure trove of flavors, each offering a distinct personality to your Old Fashioned. As you embark on your bitter journey, remember to savor each sip and appreciate the art of mixology. Cheers to the captivating world of bitters and the enduring allure of the classic Old Fashioned!


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Staying Safe and Comfortable: The Best Clothing for Concealed Carry




ccw clothing

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of choosing the proper clothing for concealed carry.
  • Learn about various clothing options and how they suit different needs.
  • Discover how to carry securely while maintaining comfort throughout the day.

Introduction to Concealed Carry Clothing

Choosing the proper clothing for concealed carry is about fashion, safety, comfort, and a natural look. Knowing what works best for your lifestyle and specific requirements is essential with so many options available. One popular choice among enthusiasts is ccw clothing, designed to provide functionality and style.

Whether you’re an everyday carrier or someone who only carries occasionally, the proper clothing can significantly affect how ccw clothing comfortable and secure you feel. Individuals increasingly wear specialized attire to meet their needs without compromising their comfort. Innovations in the textile industry have given rise to materials and designs catering to the concealed carry community, ensuring users do not sacrifice their personal style or convenience.

The Basics of Concealed Carry Attire

When it comes to concealed carry, the primary objective is to keep your firearm hidden while ensuring quick and easy access. This requires clothing that perfectly balances fit, ccw clothing comfort , and concealment. Many prefer garments with special compartments or holsters that carry firearms discreetly. It’s not just about hiding the weapon; it’s also about ensuring the garment looks natural and doesn’t draw unnecessary attention.

Besides dedicated compartments, some clothes are designed with modular systems that allow the wearer to adjust the placement of their firearm based on their specific needs. This adaptability is crucial for individuals who may need to carry different types of weapons or who prefer various carrying positions, such as appendix, hip, or shoulder carry. The versatility of these garments ensures that they meet the diverse demands of concealed carriers.

Choosing the Right Fabrics

The type of fabric plays a significant role in the effectiveness of concealed carry clothing. Breathable materials like cotton blends are ideal for maintaining comfort, especially in warmer climates. Additionally, fabrics that provide some stretch help accommodate the firearm without compromising the overall fit. Light and durable materials make it easier to blend in, preventing any noticeable bulges or discomfort. High-quality fabrics also enhance the durability of the clothing, allowing it to withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are another great option, as they help keep the skin dry and reduce any discomfort caused by sweat. This is particularly important for individuals who carry their firearms in hot and humid environments. Such fabrics ensure that the wearer remains comfortable throughout the day, whether they’re engaged in physical activities or simply going about their daily routines. Furthermore, some modern fabrics come with anti-microbial properties, ensuring the clothing remains fresh even after prolonged use.

Holster-Friendly Pants and Skirts

Pants and skirts designed specifically for holster compatibility are a must-have. These garments often come with reinforced waistbands and additional pockets, ensuring that the firearm stays securely in place. Trendy yet functional, these pieces allow users to move freely without revealing their concealed weapons. Whether running errands or sitting through long meetings, these garments offer the flexibility and security necessary for everyday carry.

Many brands have developed stylish options that look no different from regular pants or skirts but come with hidden features for concealment. For women, skirts with built-in holsters offer a discreet and comfortable way to carry firearms without sacrificing fashion. Similarly, pants designed with extra padding and strategic stitching ensure that the gun doesn’t dig into the skin, providing maximum comfort. These features are especially beneficial for individuals who spend long hours sitting or who engage in various physical activities throughout the day.

Tactical Shirts and Jackets

The tactical shirts and jackets market has expanded significantly, providing numerous stylish and practical options. These garments often feature hidden panels and adjustable fits, making them versatile for different body types and carry methods. These tactical clothing items are ideal for casual and professional settings and add an extra layer of security without compromising style.

Shirts with built-in holster compartments or quick-access pockets are trendy among concealed carriers. These shirts allow for accessible firearm drawing while ensuring it remains hidden from view. Jackets designed for concealed carry come with reinforced seams and durable zippers, providing added security. Additionally, many tactical jackets are made from weather-resistant materials, making them ideal for outdoor use. The combination of functionality and aesthetics ensures these garments are suitable for various social settings, from casual outings to professional engagements.

Layering for Optimal Concealment

Layering is a powerful technique for concealed carry. By wearing multiple layers of clothing, you can effectively mask the outline of your firearm. This technique is beneficial when jackets and sweaters are more appropriate in colder months. The additional layers provide warmth and extra concealment, ensuring that your firearm remains undetected even during active movements.

For those living in warmer climates, lightweight layers such as vests or thin overshirts can still offer the benefits of concealment without causing overheating. The key is choosing layers that complement each other in terms of functionality and style. For instance, a fitted undershirt and a slightly loose outer ccw clothing can perfectly balance comfort and concealment. Layering also allows versatility in different environments, ensuring you remain prepared regardless of the weather or social setting. Pay attention to the color and pattern of the layers, as darker colors and patterns can help further mask any outlines.


Equipping yourself with the proper clothing for concealed carry is essential for safety and practicality. By considering factors like fabric, fit, and purpose-specific designs, you can find the perfect attire that meets your needs and keeps you comfortable. Remember, the goal is to blend seamlessly while preparing for any situation. As you explore different options and receive inputs from experienced carriers, you’ll find that achieving the right balance between comfort and concealment becomes much more manageable.

Ultimately, the right concealed carry clothing provides security and confidence, knowing you are prepared to protect yourself and others while maintaining a low profile. As the market evolves with innovations and designs, staying informed and adaptable will ensure you always have the best options.


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Naive Stepsis Rips Yoga Pants: Navigating Wardrobe Malfunctions




Yoga pants

Yoga pants are a staple in the wardrobes of fitness enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of comfort and flexibility. However, despite their many advantages, users sometimes face the disheartening moment when their beloved yoga pants develop rips or tears. In this article, we’ll explore the common issues with yoga pants, practical steps to deal with rips, preventive measures, alternative attire options, and the broader perspective of embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Understanding Yoga Pants and Common Issues

Introduction to Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have become synonymous with active lifestyles, providing the ideal attire for various physical activities. The stretchy and breathable fabric makes them a favorite among fitness enthusiasts, but with great wear comes the potential for wear and tear.


Importance of Comfort and Flexibility

The allure of yoga pants lies in their ability to provide unmatched comfort and flexibility during workouts or casual wear. Users appreciate the freedom of movement these pants offer, making them a go-to choice for many activities.

Common Issues with Yoga Pants

Despite their popularity, yoga pants are not invincible. Users commonly encounter issues such as pilling, fading colors, and the subject of our focus – rips and tears. Understanding these common problems is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your favorite activewear.

Dealing with Ripped Yoga Pants

Recognizing the Damage

Before attempting any repairs, it’s essential to identify the extent of the damage. Small snags may only require minor fixes, while larger tears might need more extensive solutions.


Causes of Ripping

Yoga pants can rip for various reasons, ranging from poor quality manufacturing to intense physical activities. Recognizing the root cause helps in implementing preventive measures.

Quick Fixes for Minor Rips

For minor tears or snags, quick fixes like fabric glue or iron-on patches can be effective. These solutions are convenient and provide a temporary solution until more thorough repairs can be made.

Sewing Tips for Larger Tears

When faced with more substantial damage, having basic sewing skills can be invaluable. This section will guide readers through the process of sewing up larger tears, ensuring a durable and long-lasting repair.

Preventive Measures for Yoga Pants

Choosing Durable Fabrics

One of the best ways to avoid the frustration of ripped yoga pants is to choose high-quality, durable fabrics. Understanding the various materials used in activewear can significantly impact the longevity of your favorite pair.

Proper Sizing Matters

Wearing the correct size is crucial in preventing unnecessary stress on the fabric. This section will discuss the importance of proper sizing and how it contributes to the overall lifespan of yoga pants.


Washing and Care Instructions

Implementing proper washing and care routines can significantly extend the life of yoga pants. Simple practices like turning pants inside out before washing and avoiding fabric softeners can make a notable difference.

Alternative Apparel Options

Exploring Different Workout Attire

While yoga pants are a popular choice, exploring alternative workout attire options can provide variety and address specific needs. From leggings to joggers, the market offers a plethora of choices.

Advantages of Various Materials

Understanding the advantages of different materials, such as moisture-wicking fabrics or compression materials, can guide users in choosing the most suitable activewear for their specific activities.

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

Benefits of Regular Exercise

Beyond the wardrobe concerns, this section delves into the broader benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle. Regular exercise not only contributes to physical well-being but also positively impacts mental health.


Mental Wellness Through Yoga

Yoga, in particular, goes beyond physical fitness. This subsection explores the mental wellness aspects of practicing yoga, emphasizing its role in stress reduction and overall well-being.


In conclusion, while ripped pants may seem like a minor inconvenience, addressing the issue promptly and implementing preventive measures can significantly enhance the lifespan of activewear. By understanding the common problems, quick fixes, and long-term solutions, individuals can enjoy their favorite pants for a more extended period.



  1. Can ripped pants be repaired permanently?
    • While minor tears can be fixed with fabric glue or patches, larger tears may require sewing for a more durable repair.
  2. Are there specific fabrics that are less prone to ripping?
    • Choosing high-quality, durable fabrics like nylon or polyester can significantly reduce the chances of pants ripping.
  3. How often should I wash my pants?
    • Washing pants after every wear is not necessary. Follow care instructions, and consider washing them after a few uses to maintain fabric integrity.
  4. Can I prevent pilling on my pants?
    • Yes, turning your pants inside out before washing and avoiding fabric softeners can help prevent pilling.
  5. What are some alternative workout attire options?
    • Alternatives include leggings, joggers, and shorts, each catering to specific preferences and activities.

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Bucket Hats: A Cool and Trendy Accessory for Every Occasion




Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats are among the most noteworthy of the vintage designs that have returned to prominence in recent years’ fashion trends. This modest hat, which was a mainstay item in the ’90s, is making a huge splash in the fashion industry once more, demonstrating that old things can truly become new again. We’ll go into the world of bucket hats in this post, discussing their history, their many uses, and the reasons you should add one to your collection.

History of the Bucket Hat

Origins and Evolution

The bucket hat, sometimes referred to as a “session hat” or a “fisherman’s hat,” has a lengthy past. It was first launched in the early 1900s and was first intended for outdoor activities like fishing. It changed a lot in terms of materials and appearance over time before becoming as a fashion statement.

The Versatility of Bucket Hats

A Fashionable Accessory

These days, not just outdoor lovers wear bucket hats. No matter what kind of person you are, they are now fashionable accessories. You may wear them to a formal occasion, the beach, or just about anywhere.

Protection from the Elements

Bucket hats are useful in addition to being fashionable. They are the perfect option for a day at the park or a beach trip since they offer great sun protection.

Choosing the Perfect Bucket Hat

Materials and Styles

Considerations for selecting the ideal bucket hat include a wide range of materials and designs. You may find a bucket hat to fit any style, from traditional canvas to fashionable denim and eye-catching designs.

Finding the Right Fit

Finding a bucket hat that fits your head comfortably is important. If you want to make sure that the fit is snug but not too tight, you can take your head circumference.

Styling Your Bucket Hat

Casual Chic

Wear your bucket hat with jeans and a basic t-shirt for a casual yet chic appearance. It’s ideal for an easygoing day spent with friends.

Beach Vibes

For a day at the beach, bucket hats are a great choice. It will look great with your go-to bikini and sunglasses for a carefree, beachy look.

The Bucket Hat’s Resurgence in Pop Culture

Influential Celebrities

The return of the bucket hat trend in the fashion world is largely due to the support of several celebrities. Bucket hats have become an essential item thanks to trend-setters like Pharrell Williams and Rihanna.

Why You Should Get a Bucket Hat

Fashion Forward

Bucket hats are a stylish option that gives your ensemble a little something more. They make it easy for you to express your own flair.

Sun Protection

Bucket hats offer great protection from the sun for your face and neck thanks to their wide brim. You may now engage in outdoor activities without being concerned about getting sunburned.


The world of fashion has seen a triumphant return of bucket hats. They are essential pieces of clothing for anybody trying to dress up their wardrobe because of their adaptability, usefulness, and fashionable appeal. A bucket hat is the perfect accessory whether you’re heading to the beach, taking a leisurely stroll, or just want to make a statement with your outfit.


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