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  • Silicone Rubber Wire and CableMaterials: the bare copper wire, tinned annealed, silver or nickel coated copper wire As for the conducting material, this non-braid silicone rubber wire chooses the tinned copper strand made of 99.99% pure copper rod, with the tin coated on bare copper. The thickness of the tin layer is 7 to 8μm. This conductor conforms to the environment protection rules, the IEC standard of class 5. It is flexible, offering high conductivity. ...
  • UL Non-Braid Silicone Rubber Insulation WireSilicone rubber is a high polymer material which contains silicone rather than traditional carbon. It has terrific heat and coldness resistance. It is flexible for bending and never goes cracked. All those traits are exclusive for silicone rubber insulation wire and ordinary heat resistant wire can not be compared with it. Thus the silicone insulation wire can be applied in more places. Our UL non-braid silicone rubber insulation wire uses bare copper or tin, nickel or silver copper core wire and quality silicone rubber insulator.
  • UL Silicone Rubber Insulation Fibreglass Braid WireOur UL silicone rubber insulation fiberglass braided wire we manufacture has many types on sale, including AWM3068, 3069, 3071, 3074, 3075, 3125, 3126, 3128, 3144, 3434, etc.. Its metal core wire is tin nickel or silver plating copper wire, its dielectric insulator is silicone rubber layer, its medium shield is braided fiberglass layer and its external jacket is black wear resistant silicone rubber layer. Among the types above, AWM3125 and AWM3126 wire products only utilize the tin plating center core.
  • Teflon FEP/PFA/PTFE Insulated Wire and Cable This Teflon FEP, PFA or PTFE insulated wire and cable is configured with the bare copper, tinned annealed, silver or nickel plated copper wire serving as the conductor. Therein, the tinned copper is the copper strand made of high pure copper rod, with the tin is coated on bare copper. The tin coating is about 7 or 8μm thick.
  • UL FEP Teflon WireTeflon Wire is known as high temperature wire. It is the special electrical wire whose insulation covering is a Teflon layer so that it can bear very high temperature. We have many types of FEP Teflon wire for customer's choice and all of them are UL compliant. The Teflon wire we manufacture has tin nickel or silver plating copper core and FEP insulator. The FEP material is high corrosion resistant. It dissolves into nothing organic solvent such as oil, acid, alkali and oxidant.
  • Ultra High Temperature Resistant Wire and Cable Our product adopts various conductive materials including the tinned annealed copper and the nickel plated copper. The former material is the copper strand made of the copper rod with high purity in accordance with the class 5 IEC standard. It suits the requirements of the rigid or flexible construction. The nickel coated copper is classified into two species for selection, the common nickel plating of 3% thickness suitable for 200ºC and the electric plating ...
  • UL Ultra High Temperature WireWe are glad to launch our four types of UL Ultra high temperature wire. This special electrical wire manufactured by us take use of nickel plating copper wire or pure nickel wire as its conductive center core. We wrap the core wire with mica type choose the fiberglass or PTFE coating as its insulator. Mica type is an ideal insulation and heat resistant material which volatizes nothing harmful when meeting flame. The electrical wire with Mica type inside can be ensured security.
  • Rubber Power Cable Our rubber power cable is supplied in diversified types with the rubber compound consisting of the silicone rubber, CR rubber and EPM or EPDM rubber. This product is characterized by light weight, good resistance against the heat, moisture, flame, corrosion and chemical liquid like acid, alkali and so on. With excellent thermal stability, it can work at the rated temperature of 150ºC and 200ºC.
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber CableThe heat resistant silicone rubber cable product manufactured by our company involves braided or non braided heat resistance cable and heat resistant fiberglass braided shield cable. Among them, the heat resistant fiberglass braided shield cable adopts silver plating copper wire as center core. It has high heat resistance, conductibility and outstanding corrosion resistance. The surface of the conductor line has bright metallic luster.
  • Cable Sleeves and TubingThe cable sleeves and tubing, defined as the fiberglass sleeves with silicone resin coating, are made of the fiber glass yarn without alkali and wax. For single yarn, the diameter is 8μm, the tensile strength is 0.62N/tex and the yarn twist is 90r/m. The fiberglass material is endowed with a range of natural properties. It is anticorrosion and abrasion resistant. Moreover, this material is applicable for working at high temperature up to 500ºC.
  • Silicone Resin Coated Fiberglass SleevingCable accessory is a key electrical component which is used to connect cable, transmission and distribution circuit, and relevant power distribution unit. It completes the whole network of electrical power transmission. It can be divided into two main types, including heat shrinkable cable accessory and cold shrinkable cable accessory, etc.

Huacheng is a specialized wire and cable manufacturer in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including silicone rubber heat resistant wire, heat resistant silicone rubber cable, silicone rubber insulation braided wire, and more.

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