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Heat resistant silicone rubber cable is defined as the rope like conductor line braided by several single wires or groups of wires. Each unit of wire is insulated from another one. The wires are braided together, circling the center one of them. The jacket of cable must be capable of high insulation.

The heat resistant silicone rubber cable product manufactured by our company involves braided or non braided heat resistance cable and heat resistant fiberglass braided shield cable. Among them, the heat resistant fiberglass braided shield cable adopts silver plating copper wire as center core. It has high heat resistance, conductibility and outstanding corrosion resistance. The surface of the conductor line has bright metallic luster. For insulator and jacket we adopt silicone rubber and braided fiberglass. We also use silicone resin coating to seal the whole cable. This special silicone resin coating has terrific insulation and inflaming retarding which can ensure the stable electric power transmission in the heat resistant cable. For a record, the braided cable is not available for direct sunshine and the cable construction condition must be moisture monitored.

We launch not only the cable product, but also silicone rubber wire, high voltage wire and fiberglass braided wire. The product we manufacture has reliable quality. It has been exported to Europe, America and Middle East and gain great reputation.

As a specialized cable manufacturer in China, Huacheng also offers N2GFAF/SIF silicone rubber insulation braided wire, IEC 60245 heat resistant silicone rubber insulation wire, AGRP silicone rubber insulation woven wire, and more.

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