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Our company has three series of enterprise class wire products, silicone rubber insulation fiberglass braided wire, silicone rubber insulation wire and Ultra High temperature wire.

The silicone rubber we adopt owns stable electrical performance. It is hard to be influenced by ambient temperature and flame and it is an ideal material for insulation application. The wire and cable has the silicone rubber jacket not only can work normally with high ambient temperature, but also can perform stably under the harsh condition of full loading. Our silicone rubber wire or cable features outstanding heat and flame resistance, inflaming retarding, smokeless and superior insulation. It is much more applicable than ordinary Fire-resistant wire and cable.

Our ultra high temperature wire is mica tape wrapped. Mica tape has outstanding thermal stability and chemical stability. It is the one of the best insulators in electrical industry. Mica tape generates no smog when meeting flame or spark. It is known that the wire or cable with mica tape insulator has greatly enhanced overall capability.

Our company is a professional manufacturer of wire and cable. We accept any order of customizing electrical wire and cable. You are more than welcome to contact us and we will do our best to serve you thoughtfully.

Huacheng is a China OEM high temperature wire and cable manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as AWM3135 silicone rubber heat resistant wire, AWM 1056 PVC insulated wire and ultra high temperature wire.

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