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The silicone rubber insulation wire we recommend is our honorary electrical wire product which has bare or plated copper conductor and silicone rubber insulator.

Silicone rubber is an exceedingly good insulation material. The electrical wire with silicone rubber jacket can be used normally with exceeding high or low ambient temperature.

We are confident in the adaptation of these four types of our silicone rubber insulation wire. They all have outstanding electric insulation and chemical stability. Besides, our insulation wire is soft to fit in about anywhere. Its service life is also quite longer than ordinary heat resistance wire. Besides it is applicable for high temperature environment such as FH electrical motor and electrical equipment.

Our company possesses advanced production equipment and multifunctional test lab which are the insurance of good performance and security of our wire and cable product.

Partial Parameters

Mode Rated voltage Rated temperature Conductor Insulator
AGR 500 V ≤ 180 ℃ Tin copper wire Silicone Rubber
DTRJ-I No requirement -60 ℃~+200 ℃ Bare brass Polyvinyl chloride
FG4G4 750V 180℃ Bare brass/ tin-coated copper wire Silicone Rubber
SIF-THT 300V -60℃~+250℃

Huacheng is a specialized silicone rubber insulation wire manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides fiberglass braided silicone rubber heat resistant wire, 3x0.14mm2 PFA sheath shielded cable, 4x0.22mm2 FG FEP silicone rubber sheath heat resistant cable, and more.

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