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  • IEC 60245 Heat Resistant Silicone Rubber Insulation WireConductor: Multi-piece or single piece nickel-coated, tin-coated, silver-coated copper wire
    Insulator: silicone rubber
    Applicable for high temperature environment such as electron, electrical household appliance, lamps and ...

IEC, abbr. for International Electrical Commission, is the oldest international organization for standardization. It is formed by the electro technical commissions from the countries around the world. IEC authority is world recognized.

CCC, abbr. for China Compulsory Certification, is a compulsory accreditation system in China. Its listed commodities must be approved by national indicated organization. In China, only after the acquirement of related certificate could the electrical products leave factory or custom and be sold or used in public place. Wire and cable are first class listed goods in China. Our wire product has an attached random code following the CCC mark printed upon the product and customer can identify the purchased product through inquire the random code.

Our company is a creditworthy manufacturer who is expert at the manufacture of high temperature resistant silicone rubber wire and cable. We have advanced production equipment. Our IEC 60245, IEC60245-3, IEC60245-1 and IEC60245-2heat resistant silicone rubber insulation wires are all spark and pressure test passers and ageing treated. They have outstanding insulation and mechanical performance. Our product is affordable for the trust from customers.

Huacheng is a professional chinese standard heat resistant wire manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including AWM3304 high temperature high voltage silicone rubber wire, AWM 1577 heat resistant Teflon wire, AWM 5108 heat resistant electrical equipment lead wire, and more.

We are a professional VDE approved high temperature wire manufacturer in China. We also provide AWM3135 silicone rubber heat resistant wire, JGG-6KV silicone rubber insulation high voltage motor lead wire, AFP-300/500V high temperature leading wire, and much more.

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