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Irradiated XLPE Wire and Cable

Brief Introduction
The irradiated XLPE wire and cable chooses the bare copper or tinned annealed copper as its conductor. The tinned copper is the designed in copper strand made of the copper rod with high purity, meeting the needs of rigid or flexible construction. Conforming to the eco-friend regulations and IEC standard, this conductor offers high electrical conductivity and flexibility.

2. Insulator
The XLPE plastic, short for the irradiated cross linked polyethylene, is adopted to work as the insulator. Our product is constituted by the quality polyethylene mixture that is non-toxic and environment protective, consistent with the RoHS rules. Moreover, this XLPE plastic owns a series of highlights, such as light weight, heat resistance, moisture resistance, flameproof property and corrosion resistance. It can also resist various chemical liquid, like acid, alkali, etc. Due to the outstanding thermal stability, this material can bear the temperature of 125ºC and 150ºC.

The irradiated XLPE wire and cable is universally applied in the wire harness, lighting apparatus, instrument, motor leading cable, electric panel, electrical equipment and other equipment in high temperature places.

Technical Data
Voltage range: 300V, 500V, 600V
Temperature rating: 125ºC, 150ºC
Voltage test: 1500V-2000V
Spark test: 4000V-6000V
Color: Red, white, yellow, green, blue, black, etc.
Note: The OEM service with every cable is available.

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