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PVC Insulated Wire and Cable

Brief Introduction
(a) Conductor
This PVC insulated wire uses the bare copper or tinned copper as the conductor. Configured with high purity copper rod, the tinned copper is designed into copper strands on request of rigid or flexible construction. It is consistent with the environmental protection rules and meets the 5 level of IEC standard, too. This conductor is flexible with extremely high conductivity.

(b) Insulator
As for the insulation part, our product uses the polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC plastic. The PVC is a kind of non-toxic eco-friendly material conforming to the RoHS rules. It incorporates a series of features like light weight, preeminent resistance performance against heat, moisture, flame, corrosion, chemical liquid, acid and alkali. Due to the excellent thermal stability, this material is capable of working as several kinds of temperature rating, like 70ºC to 80ºC, 90ºC and 105ºC.

This PVC insulated wire and cable is applied to cooperate with the wire harness, lighting device, instrument, electric panel and electrical equipment working in high temperature places.

Technical Data
Voltage range: 300V, 500V, 600V
Temperature rating: 800ºC, 90ºC, 105ºC
Voltage test: 1500V-2000V
Spark test: 4000V-6000V
Color: Red, white, yellow, green, blue, black, transparent, double-color, etc.
Note: The OEM request for any wire will be accepted.

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