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Wire or cable is a piece of essential electronics and electrics equipment. It plays a key part in making electrical appliance. UL, the abbr. of underwriters' laboratories, is the most authoritative folk institution in the USA, even around the world, which engages in security experiment and appraisal. UL has comprehensive criterions for the production equipment of a factory and can evaluate a manufacturer quickly and accurately. Hitherto, there are Europe Japan and US proposing the electric elements must be UL compliant. We are a professional maker of heat resistant silicone wire and cable. The silicone rubber Insulation fiberglass braided wire, non braid silicone rubber insulation wire, FEP Teflon wire, ultra high temperature wire and other four related products made by us are all UL compliant.

As known, the mesh sleeve of braided wire can remove jamming signal to decrease the loss of inside signal. Our UL silicone rubber insulation fiberglass braided wire adopts fiberglass cover to protect the signal in transmission from interference better. Our insulated wire utilizes various insulation materials, silicone rubber, Teflon, mica tape, PVC, etc.. we pick silicone rubber for our UL silicone rubber insulation fiberglass braided wire and UL non-braid silicone rubber insulation wire, cause the silicone rubber can bear heat and coldness and it is ideal material for making soft power cable and motor leading cable. Our UL ultra high temperature wire is wrapped with inorganic tape and silk insulation layer. It is utilized in the field of aviation, heating furnace, steel forging, etc.

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As a professional UL approved silicone rubber wire manufacturer in China, we provide not only UL approved silicone rubber wire, but also VDE approved high temperature wire, chinese standard heat resistant wire OEM high temperature wire and cable, high voltage wire, and more.

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